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Schulze Family Foundation Scholarship


Parent testimonial:  
“You know you have made the right decision when your child LOVES to go to school! Everyday our son comes home with stories – not only about the letter of the week, the latest art project, and the cool science experiments – but also about how to be a good friend and how to make good choices. St. Dominic’s preschool provides outstanding academics, but even more important to us – St. Dominic’s provides a compassionate, loving environment that is also helping instill in our child the importance of faith, family, trust, and love. We are honored to be part of the St. Dominic’s family and are excited to see our children learn and grow at St. Dominic’s School.”
~ Deanna and Allyn Kuennen 
Our Mission:
The community of St. Dominic Catholic School is committed to guiding students toward educational excellence, spiritual growth, and service to God and others.